MenEngage Programme (Dispute Resolution)

Shirakat  MenEngage programme focus is to work with boys and men to understand the nature, dynamics and manifestations of masculinities in Pakistani society. Currently Shirakat is working with 4 universities; Islamic International University, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Air University and Quaid-e-Azam University. Shirakat works at two levels; with students on dispute resolution skills. In sessions with students; the key topics like, gender stereotypes, social construction of behaviours, emotions, communication skills, interpersonal behaviours and relationships are discussed. With university administration Shirakat works for the formation and supervision of dispute resolution committees so these DRCs can become a regular part of student’s bodies. Shirakat provides capacity building on dispute resolution skills to DRCs’ members.

Initially the programme depended on availability of time and space at the university so several one-hour to 2 hour sessions were conducted with wider groups of students. In 2014 we restructured and redesigned the program with Universities and now we are conducting a series of 4 workshops with the same of group of students on conflict resolution, stress management, international and national linkages of conflict, masculinities and strategies to peace building at individual and community level at Shirakat office.

This series of workshop helps to create a long term relationship with the students. Shirakat then awards certificates to the students who complete all the four workshops. We then have quarterly meetings with the students to keep them engaged in the peace building process.

Shirakat is member of Pakistan Men-Engage Alliance.