Gender Equality Training Program in Schools

Shirakat is equipping school students to promote gender equality and reduce violence by engaging them in critical thinking and self-reflection. The program builds on successful efforts to foster more gender equitable attitudes and behavior among youth. Shirakat is training and equipping students from two schools, FIES Group of schools & colleges and Mashal Model School, where8-Day summer camps were organized after receiving an appreciation from the management of schools on successful completion of the summer camps.  These sessions will be conducted once a week for youth’s sensitization and awareness on various topics, including Human rights, particularly Women Rights, Violence against women & children, Child protection, Personal hygiene and Life skills. The GET program comprises of two years’ training of one batch of students.

Besides these training sessions, Shirakat is extending its support to the students for collective actions to improve the environment however small it may be. Shirakat will support them through structured “Child Change Makers Group” to enhance students’ skills so that they can incorporate their learning into practical life and bring a significant change for creating a better society where all can exercise their equal rights and strive for the betterment of community and society.