Early Childhood Care and Development (Behtreen Ustaad: Maan Baap)

The objectives of the Programme are to:

  1. Raise awareness on importance of education for girls and boys as well child development , physical, emotional, social, psychological;
  2. Empower parents and enhance their parenting abilities and confidence for effective contribution to their children’s learning achievements, completion and retention;
  3. Mobilize communities to provide support to education;
  4. Develops linkages with services available in the area for access by parents;
  5. Enhance learning achievements of students; and
  6. Work to increase child and parent satisfaction with education.

Major activities:

Personal Home Visits: Home visits are very important as the Parent Educator is able to provide educational guidance relevant to the individual child’s development and her/his home environment. Home visits are activity based and both parent and child are involved in it, providing a mutual space for contact and learning. These can be a one child or multiple children activities depending on the number of children in the family.

Group Meetings: Group meetings with parents enrolled in the programme are organized on monthly basis, to share their common experiences and concerns as well as listen to resource persons on their topics of interest identified in home visits.

Screening: Developmental, health, vision and hearing screening will be arranged for all the girls and boys (Grade 0-3 in 3 schools) twice during the one year to identify any issues and appropriate interventions put in place. This is where mapping of resources in the area becomes important so that parents can be referred to relevant facilities.

Establishing a Resource Network: The programme is not designed to be able to directly meet all the needs hence the importance of a resource network.

27 families have been enrolled in this programme and Shirakat parent educators visit these families on monthly basis.4 group meetings have been organized so far. Health screening of children has also been done and need based referrals have been undertaken.