Sustainable Livelihoods

Sustainable Livelihoods: Nissaaee Hunr

Sustainable livelihoods programme aims to facilitate women’s economic empowerment.

Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion

Research on the history of GBV in Pakistan

A research has been initiated for recording the history of action on violence against women/GBV in Pakistan since 1947.

Training of Police Instructors on GBV and Refugee Rights

Financially supported by UN Women, this project included needs assessment of Afghan communities in camps.

MenEngage Programme (Dispute Resolution)

Shirakat MenEngage programme focus is to work with boys and men to understand the nature, dynamics and manifestations of masculinities in Pakistani society.

National Framework on Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion

It is a continuous and long term programme to bring all stakeholders in one platform for building a consensus for demystifying peace.


Gender Equality Training Program in Schools

Shirakat is equipping school students to promote gender equality and reduce violence by engaging them in critical thinking and self-reflection.

Shirakat Institute of Human Rights and Peace Education

This institute aims to provide professional education to developmental professionals and students on human rights.

Girls Education Programme

Main focus is providing financial support to girls at primary level education. Shirakat has to date provided a total of 18 scholarships to young girls.

Research on Gender in Early Childhood Care and Development

The first of its kind, the  research was undertaken for KZR a consultancy firm in Pakistan funded by Plan  International Pakistan office. The research is available on Plan website.

Gender Equality Training Programme for Children

Gender equality training programme focuses on building gender awareness by recognizing negative impact of gender stereotypes and inequalities.

Early Childhood Care and Development (Behtreen Ustaad: Maan Baap)

Raise awareness on importance of education for girls and boys as well as child development, physical, emotional, social, and psychological.